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Brown Eyed Blues

Okay... this bit.

Well, I am a single dude looking for a single chick, to have "singular" adventures with! I work full-time at a local grocery store in the Sellwood neighborhood, which I've been at for some time now, it's nice work. I live in a cozy one bedroom in the Brooklyn neighborhood, which I'll admit, is nice in the winter as it doesn't take much to heat up the place.

On my spare time, I try to get in a day hike or a decent bike ride in. Sometimes, I'll walk across town, mostly for the exercise... also, it'll get me somewhere. I have been drinking less, so the bar fly aspect of my life as mellowed for now, mostly due to me working on getting back into shape (35 pounds down so far) Still, I'll have a few shots of whiskey on occasion and beer back or two.

Coffee is my main jam, I probably drink four cups a day... down from six, only because I need to get up early on certain days of the week.

Aside from that, I work on comic strips "and a comic zine about a pug, called "Pug"... which has been in creative limbo for awhile... I need to shake out those cobwebs

I was getting around via scooter, but I was hit by a car... I survived, but the scooter didn't. As a result, I am now an "avid cyclist" and not just a fair weather rider... as long as I need to get to work, and there isn't two feet of snow, I'm out there.

My work hours vary, but I'm open for meeting at anytime, and depending on when, anywhere.

I am starting to ramble on here... so let me get to my appearance before I forget. I am 5'8", medium build, I have dark hair, brown eyes. I wear glasses most of the time. I like to think I dress well, but that is all subjective. Oh yeah, I have a few tattoos including a half-sleeve of an octopus on my arm... it's looking pretty rad!

I'd like to meet someone rad, but it's all subjective... really.


What is something that people are surprised to find out about you? That I can't handle terribly spicy foods... I am not such a good Mexican

If you could have a dinner party and invite any 4 people, dead or alive, who'd be coming? Bill Hicks, for being one of the greatest voices to every walk the earth. John Waters, for being one of the most sincere film makers alive. Nathaniel Hawthorne, so I can punch him in the face and Gabriel Garcia Marquez... so he can hold Nathaniel Hawthorne while I punch him in the face.

Where are your local haunts? I live super close to the Brookyln Park Pub, though I personally like the Night Light as a meeting place. I like North too, though I tend to bump into ex-girlfriends more at that place than any other... it's still a nice bar and for the most part, my exs are pretty nice.

What kind of person are you attracted to? Mainly someone who can carry a conversation... it helps if she is pretty too.

How far will you travel to meet the right partner? Shit, I would go all the way to Beaverton! Actually, maybe Sellwood.

What bands do you always find yourself talking shit about? People who say that they are in a "noise" band.

What songs would be on the soundtrack of your life? The soundtrack to the film,"Head"... Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak", mainly because every bar I've been to in the past few months, that seems to be playing on the background.

What movie does your life resemble most and why? Sexy Beast, 12 Monkeys, Head (Monkees film), Fargo, Pecker, Grey Gardens, Xanudu

What is your idea of a good time? Hanging out, talking for hours on end. Watching a movie, going on trips here and there, that type of thing. Lately I have been into getting out into nature for occasional day hikes.

What is something you're looking forward to? Traveling

Fill It

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are addicts, liars and guilt trips

Design your ideal mate: the brain of someone who actually thinks and the body of someone who takes care of themselves...

Something I said I'd never do but did anyway was being a social worker, which I am not anymore.

The first section I turn to in the Mercury is My, What A Busy Week

The quickest way to my heart is stuff The quickest way to my bed is more stuff And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked sometimes

The Thing I hate about Portland is? high priced condos going up everywhere The thing I love about Portland is? coffee shops everywhere

It's Sunday morning at 10 a.m. If I'm not still sleeping, I'm working

The last concert/show I attended was... Best Coast

My favorite junk food is... Tamari almonds

My beverage of choice is coffee served black

If I found a million dollars on the side of the road, I would keep it

Michael Jackson was alive... before he was you know... dead.

When I die, I believe I will go where ever it is where we go when we die

When I feel like shit, I get the hell out of the house and go somewhere.

I wouldn't be who I am if I was say some one else

I wouldn't sell my family for a billion dollars.

In and Out

MAX or Radio Cab

Starbucks or Stumptown

PBR or McMenamins

Dinner and a Movie or Pizza and a Rental

Cowboy or Indian

Cindy Lauper or Britney

CD or MP3

Makers Mark or Jack Daniels

Saucebox or Sandy Hut

Casket or Cremation

Tent or Tudor

Talk or Action

Hedwig or Darcelle

IKEA or antiques

Johnny Depp or Johnny Carson

Wireless or Landline

23rd or Mississippi St.

OPB or Any other TV

DIY or Buy

Water Fountain or Soda Fountain

Cat or Dog

Pen or Pencil

Bath or Shower

Light on or Light off

Night Owl or Early Bird

Sunshine or Downpour

Digital or Film

Paper or Plastic


Current Status
Looking for
Friends, Long-term Relationship, Open Relationship, Hangin out, seeing whats up
Body Type
Average, A few extra pounds
5' 08"
Hair Type
Woman for Dating , Woman for Friendship


College graduate
Hispanic / Latin
Political Leanings
People Who Hate People Party
Data Entry / Co-Op Grocery Person / Some Guy Who Draws A Zine About A Pug
Have Children
Want Children
Not Sure


I've been known on occasion to enjoy a drink
Not interested


I get around town via
Public Transportation, Bicycle, Walk
My dietary preferences are
I spend my free time
Reading, Creating, Working out, Watching movies, Drawing
Funniest Thing
When an asshole cop gave me a ticket for jaywalking after I got hit by a car lost the case had a fit
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